While IT Project Management is the most frequently requested service, our dynamic team provides marketing, business, communications, and technical system/network expertise. No matter what the project is, we work to offer solutions that will drive performance and build value for your company.

Depending on your company’s needs, solutions often are provided using the framework:
Identify the goals and the constraints
Select the appropriate solution
Oversee implementation
Identify possible solutions
Formulate a project plan
Confirm achievement
Recent Project Examples
IT Project Management and Technical Expertise

A Nikkei listed company decided to upgrade 120 hardware units internationally. The goal was complete replacement in two weeks with less than one hour downtime per unit. Silver Solutions formulated the project plan, provided the technical expertise to optimally configure the hardware and oversaw roll-out.

Marketing Analysis for Greater Returns

A multinational firm wanted greater ROI for their marketing dollars. Using the company’s current customer information, Silver Solutions determined the most lucrative customer demographics and provided five possible marketing plans to maximize exposure to those demographic at a significantly lower cost.

Communications Expertise for Greater Returns

A rapidly growing startup felt their call center’s had greater sales than was being realized. Silver Solutions monitored and assessed calls, created new call scripts, and trained employees on communication and sales diversification specifically targeted to enhance sales. Two months after training, the call center increased their closing rate by 36%, increased first call resolution rate by 41%, and increased their diversification of sales by 24%.

Enhanced Business Processes

Following an the acquisition of two companies, an American corporation’s senior management quickly became concerned annual planning strategies and budgeting would suffer. Silver Solutions was hired to create a new annual budget planning system that would accommodate their new diversified portfolio. The company executives were ultimately so pleased with the new methodologies Silver Solutions is now retained for an annual organization budgeting assessment.

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